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potatoes grown where it matters so you can make time for what matters

As you tuck into a warm and satisfying Side Delights potato,
you can take further comfort in knowing that America’s favorite “comfort food” has been grown and produced with goodness.

grown where it matters

With every purchase of Side Delights, you are supporting a family-owned farm based here in North America, promoting sustainable farming practices and ecological stewardship. Thriving communities are at the core of our business — from our bountiful flowering potato fields to you and yours, happily gathered together and making time for what matters.

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Potatoes Grown Where it Matters

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Enjoy a virtual stroll through our multi-generational, family-owned farms by clicking across our interactive map. Get transported to each location through our 360-degree videos, and meet some of our farmers who have dedicated their lives to growing potatoes where it matters through our podcasts.

Pasco, WA

This cooperative farms from Washington to Oregon along the Columbia River Basin.

Buxton, ND

For over 35 years, they have been storing, washing, & packing red potatoes in the Red River Valley.

Urbana, OH

This fourth-generation family potato farm is nestled in Ohio's Central Valley.

Lake Wales, FL

This farm is world-class at growing potatoes in the sandy, nutrient-rich soil of Florida.

Lake Wales, FL

This farm is world-class at growing potatoes in the sandy, nutrient-rich soil of Florida.

Our Promise: Safeguarding the Soil, Air, and Waterways

By improving farming techniques, embracing technology, and making strategic choices, we seek to improve the quality of life for our farmers, our neighbors, and our consumers.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Soil conservation and long-term crop rotation help us maintain fertility and vitality, allowing us to give back to the soil as much as we take. By using advanced water systems and water technology, we can make every precious drop count. We embrace innovative renewable energy programs.

Cleaner Production for a Cleaner Planet

GPS-informed technology helps us maximize quality and yield per acre, farm more precisely, and minimize the use of pesticides. Our comprehensive waste management programs are built on the principles of “reduce-reuse-recycle”, ensuring that our crop yields are amplified — not our waste. Artificial intelligence is built into our sheds so that we can provide a safe work environment for our staff and protect our produce.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Distribution

Our truck fleets are built to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Furthermore, our growing, storage, packing, and distribution facilities are strategically placed across the country to reduce our food miles. Where and when we can, we use biodegradable or recycled packaging to bag up our potatoes and reduce our reliance on plastics.

A Nourishing Meal That Takes
Minutes, Not Hours

Meals That Add Time
to Your Day

Tuber, Tater, Spud! No matter what you call ‘em, potatoes are wholesome and we make them quick to plate. By providing fast and healthy recipes, we help people focus on what matters. Busy work schedules, extensive commutes, a multitude of errands — there’s only so much you can accomplish during the daily hustle and bustle. Side Delights help you discover that time saved can become time savored.

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Over two-thirds of Americans have a serving of potatoes every day. Potatoes power American life.

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Serve the Tabletop Favorite

Potatoes, The Crowd Pleasers

No guessing games here — become the mealtime hero by serving everyone’s favorite vegetable. Potatoes are a welcome addition to any diet, easily pairing with other robust veggies, eggs, seafood, poultry, or red meat. They also naturally carry the flavor of whatever they’re dressed with, allowing you to create endless culinary delights with a variety of herbs, spices, and toppings. Even the pickiest eater will surely clean their plate.

Spend more time doing what matters and zero time washing, peeling, slicing, or chopping.

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Zero Prep Work, 8-Minute (or Less) Cook Time

Savor the Extra Time

We plow through the prep work so you don’t have to. Some of our Side Delights come packaged in their own cookware — they're ready for the microwave, the oven, or the grill right off the shelf! After a speedy cook time, all they need is some seasoning or your favorite condiments.

Potatoes are packed with potassium and contain vitamin C, magnesium, and iron.

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Easy Eating, Easier Days

Nutritious and Budget Friendly

Potatoes are an extremely nutrient-rich vegetable and very healthy for you. They provide long-sustaining nutrition at relatively low cost and store well until you’re ready to cook. All on their own, potatoes are completely non-fat, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium—it’s what you dress them up with that counts, meaning meals can be easily modified to meet any dietary restriction.

The Side Delights Super Spud

All nutritional values are based on a serving of one medium-sized potato:

Nutritional facts about potatoes More potassium than a banana—around700MG! 1.3mg or 6% of the US daily value of iron—one of the most iron-rich vegetables. About 3g of protein and roughly 2g of fiber. 27mg of vitamin C—30% of the recommended daily value. 0.2mg of vitamin B per serving—about 10% of the recommended daily value. 26g of complex carbohydrates—less than 9% of the recommended daily value. About 48mg of magnesium (with the skin on).

Buying Deliciousness in Bulk

Yellow Potatoes

Smooth skin with yellow, buttery flesh. Perfect when boiled or baked.

Russet Potatoes

A thick, dark-brown potato with white flesh. Mash, bake, or pan-fry to perfection.

Sweet Potatoes

Rich mahogany skin and bright orange flesh. Use in sweet or savory dishes.

Purple Potatoes

Dark purple or blue skin and brilliant purple flesh. Bake or mash with herbs.

Red Potatoes

A ruby red or slightly pink smooth-skinned potato with white flesh. Grill or make into a hearty breakfast base.

Fingerling Potatoes

Considered an heirloom variety. Roast with some herbs, olive oil, and salt.

Petites Potatoes

Bite-size potatoes in a variety of colors and types. Toss in a salad or roast with herbs.

White Potatoes

The “all-purpose potato,” smooth and lightly colored. Mash or steam.

A Side Delights Potato For Every Occasion

Celebrate diverse meals with plenty of variations and potato
types to choose from. Explore all your options here.

Side Delights Russet Potatoes

The Classics

Whether mashed, baked, or loaded to bursting, these versatile spuds are always a crowd-pleaser.

Side Delights Steamable Potatoes


Take a load off. Have a quick, healthy meal at home with our steamable spuds (in any color and flavor you like!) and get to your favorite TV shows faster.

Side Delights Bakeables


Our ‘quick-bake’ Russet and Sweet Potatoes can be microwaved and dressed up with your favorite toppings for a wholesome, no-fuss meal.

Side Delights Flavorables


When you want a warm meal at the end of a long day, quell your hunger with a microwavable serving of spuds flavored with different seasonings to finish your day on a high note.

Side Delights Gourmet Petite

Gourmet Petite

Impress your dinner guests with colorful petite potatoes—just like what chefs use! Everyone will be digging in for a second helping.

Side Delights Grillables


Maybe it’s a backyard block party, a day at the park, traditional camping, or a beachy adventure—hese mesquite-friendly Russet Potatoes are ready to roll right onto the grill (or into the oven) and fuel the fun.

Side Delights Prime Select

Prime Select

Our premium, chef-sized Russet Potatoes ensure that every spud is ready at the same time. Dress and serve your favorite way.

Side Delights Farmers Table Organic

Farmer’s Table Organic®

Our beautiful organic potatoes are USDA certified organic.

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Healthy Eating

The Reliability of Spuds

Did you know that in October 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space? The potato is valued for its durability and nutrient density, making it the leading favorite for feeding astronauts on long space voyages and potentially feeding future colonies that will settle in space.

Potatoes are versatile in their ability to carry flavor, easily satisfy big appetites, and are the most diet-friendly overall. Let’s say you were trying to feed a group of friends with diverse dietary needs. What could you do? For the record, all potato varieties are completely gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and the sweet potato is a particular paleo favorite. Here are some examples of how three different, highly popular potato dishes could be modified to adhere to these diets:


Traditional Baked Potato

Butter, russet potatoes, topped with bacon bits and cheddar.

Mashed Potato

Sour cream, yellow potatoes, chicken broth, salt.

Potato Hash

Butter, red potatoes, favorite veggie, favorite spices, topped with fried eggs.


Traditional Baked Potato

Olive oil, russet potatoes, topped with guacamole, diced mango, and salsa.

Mashed Potato

Olive oil, yellow potatoes, plant-based milk, chives, salt.

Potato Hash

Olive oil, red potatoes, veggie medley, favorite spices, topped with fried tempeh.


Traditional Baked Potato

Avocado oil, topped with dairy-free spinach and artichoke dip.

Mashed Potato

Coconut oil, nut-based milk, cinnamon, salt.

Potato Hash

Coconut oil, mushrooms, favorite spices, topped with fried eggs.

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With slight modifications, anyone can enjoy potatoes!

Find our Side Delights potatoes in a retailer near you.

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